My work in recording studios started 20+ years ago, since then I’ve produced over 100 records for bands and artists internationally.

I like to use my experience to mentor other creatives, design recording studio architecture, score movies and play drums.

Besides producing records, I also work on the production team for several top ranking iTunes podcasts. In my free time I enjoy travelling and photography.


Music Production

Recorded more than 100 records over 20 years. Adaptable in any studio environment and genre of music. Available for Recording, mixing and mastering.

Podcast Production

PodcastTech has been repairing dialogue to conform with broadcast standards producing content for several leading iTunes shows for 5+ years

Movie Scoring

The Silver Scoring Collective use ambience and technology to craft sound textures that speak with, or for your movie. Dynamically painting scenes with sound.


Acoustic Design

Research & design, 3d modelling, adhering to regulations. More importantly developing highly tuned, experienced ears & intuition. I design studios to sound and function optimally.

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