Chaotic punk to ambient soothe, beastly undivine heaviness to ethereal epics.

Music to be both enjoyed and not-so-enjoyed.

Happy Clients

We take huge pride in creating long standing relationships with all the clients we work for. It’s our every hope that you’ll enjoy working with us as much as we will enjoy making your content. We are here to make podcasting easy for you!

“The show wouldn’t be the same without him”

“I’ve been having Jason from PodcastTech edit and help me produce my shows for 10 years now and he’s become an integral part of the team.

His Skills have fixed broken shows and made myself and the show sound so much better than we could have done on our own.”

Jordan Harbinger

Host – The Jordan Harbinger Show

“PodcastTech is hands-down the best production company when it comes to podcasts. They’ve helped me with everything from equipment / software setup, to taking initiative with editing the episodes. I barely have to do anything besides hit record. To be honest, I almost never have changes that need to made to episodes”

Jonathan Courtney

CEO – AJ & Smart, Co-host – Jake & Jonathan

“PodcastTech has been editing and engineering our podcast since 2017 and immediately became an integral part of our show. Their attention for detail is second to none. We pride ourselves on our audio quality and PT helps us sound our best, each and every show. We’re thrilled to be working with them.”

Jesse Chappus

Host – The Ultimate Health Podcast

“I really enjoy working with Jason and the whole team at I recommend them to anyone looking for podcast production.

They go above and beyond without asking, and work great under time crunches. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Noah Kagan

CEO – Sumo/AppSumo,
Host – OkDork!

We’ve Had the Honour to Work With…

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65DaysOfStatic (web/ Listen)
Abzagul (web/ Listen)
Azriel (web/ Listen)
Backyard Burners (web/ Listen)
Bastions (web/ Listen)
Black Mass (web/ Listen)
Body Hound (web/ Listen)
Brontide (web/ Listen)
Cavorts (web/ Listen)
Cocean (web/ Listen)
Cyvoid (web/ Listen)
D-Rail (web/ Listen)
Dark Horse (web/ Listen)
Data Select Party (web/ Listen)
East Strike West (web/ Listen)
End to Empires (web/ Listen)

Errander (web/ Listen)
Ginger Wildheart
(web/ Listen)
GU Medicine (web/ Listen)
(web/ Listen)
Human Fly (web/ Listen)
JD & the FDC’s (web/ Listen)
Lavotchkin (web/ Listen)
Mighty Vipers (web/ Listen)
No Coast (web/ Listen)
Pine Barrens (web/ Listen)
Rolo Tomassi
(web/ Listen)
Rosavalle (web/ Listen)
Run..Walk! (web/ Listen)
Send More Paramedics (web/ Listen)
(web/ Listen)
Shaped By Fate (web/ Listen)
Sorry & the Sinatras (web/ Listen)

Soul Fracture (web/ Listen)
Tin Butane (web/ Listen)
(featuring members of Bury Tomorow)
The Bridesmaid (web/ Listen)
The Ergon Carousel (web/ Listen)
The Freezing Fog (web/ Listen)
The Hosts (web/ Listen)
The Legacy (web/ Listen)
The Plight (web/ Listen)
Toronto Blessings (web/ Listen)
We Die Smiling (web/ Listen)
We Keep the City Running (web/ Listen)
Whores Whores Whores (web/ Listen)
Wode (web/ Listen)
Zillah (web/ Listen)

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